"for every dark night, there is an even brighter day."
يضيع جمال الحياة عندما تنظر بعينيك فقط
the beauty of life is lost when you only look with your eyes
Emily, I live on an island near the sea
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remember that if God brought you into this, God can get you through it. you attract everything to you, so if you put off negative energy and a negative attitude, you’ll get what you give. but the same goes for giving off positive vibes, thinking with a realistic, positive mindset can get you anything you’ve ever wanted. you can be happy. it’s not a foreign idea. you need to let things fall into place, because they will. they always do eventually, right? things may not be crystal clear and perfect within a day or even a week, but you if you’re in a rut now, you won’t be in it forever. the only way to get over a bump in the road is by digging deep inside yourself to find that little bit of positivity left and i promise, you WILL get through this. the most important quality you should learn to hold on to is patience. good things happen to good people all the time, they happen everyday. but these good things are always the best when least expected. if you trust these words, and keep an open, positive mind and an open heart, everything will fall into place and you will be happy with someone who is happy with you.

ps~ anyone in need of guidance, feel free to msg me, i’ll always help<3