"for every dark night, there is an even brighter day."
يضيع جمال الحياة عندما تنظر بعينيك فقط
the beauty of life is lost when you only look with your eyes
Emily, I live on an island near the sea
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thanks for the love guys xooxoxoxo

life is hard at the moment. i wish someone would give me a hug :(

I wish I was sleeping in your bed tonight and I wish I was running my fingers through your hair and making you smile and telling you to shut up for making fun of me being silly and I wish I was eating Ben and Jerry’s with you and watching a dumb movie and scratching your back and attempting to tickle you and have you get mad bc I tickled you and squeeze your cheeks and kiss you a million times over and over and over again

I’m worried that I’ll never be enough

I went to the beach with my boyfriend today and it was lovely

last night he grazed those full lips of his over my skin with such a gentle passion, god I love him

i went to the hospital tonight to visit him post-surgery. he asked me to come visit and was so happy i came and we didn’t do anything but hang out and get kinky and just chat and be in each other’s presence. it was all simple and uncomplicated and he kissed me at every chance he got and i felt so genuinely cared for in the littlest ways. each day is something new and i love him more and more and more.

i love my baby i love him forever 

You’re the only door I ever want to open

When you sleep in your significant other’s bed and they have to leave early the next morning and you’re alone in a big bed… :(

hey you

yeah you!!! if you’re feeling sad right now, IT’S OKAY. you don’t have to feel happy and cheerful and energetic all the time. when people say cheer up or smile you don’t have to if you don’t want to. just don’t let yourself feel too sad for too long. accept this feeling and this moment and experience from which you are reacting to. and then grab a journal and write what you feel all down. read it back to yourself and breathe deep. now skip to the next page and write down all the good things in your life. write down what you have - family, friends, a roof over your head, food in your belly, an educated mind. there are ALWAYS more things to be grateful for in life than to feel sad over. the mere fact that you are alive, breathing and able to FEEL is what you should be the most grateful for! above all else, life goes on and things keep moving. tomorrow is a new day, don’t let a bad experience ruin your whole day or week :) 

yesterday, I spent the day with my boyfriend. his roommate forgot to pay the cable/wifi bill on time so we got back after shopping and lunch to realize we couldn’t use the computer or tv. so instead we just laid in bed like lazy bums and had a story time, and we told silly stories about us when we were younger. it was so simple and fun and in that moment we were so happy. I promise you that if you’re feeling at a loss or at a low point, there are always better things coming. I’m so happy… I want everyone to feel the way I feel.

i live to make you happy because when you’re happy i’m happy and that’s all it should ever feel like. forget about all the small things and focus on what we have now in front of us, our fuckin bliss. that’s all that matters. 

seriously everything sucks at night, how can one be happy at night how how how. every night i am sad. 

lmfao yooooo i hate my life!!!!!!!!! :):):):) anxious and worried and stressed 24/7 someone help me before i cave in and combust