"for every dark night, there is an even brighter day."
يضيع جمال الحياة عندما تنظر بعينيك فقط

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i don’t know how to say this without it sounding sappy or like total bullshit but i think i met someone who i may have met in a past life. or something of that sort. last week he was a stranger to me. but there’s an innate goodness to him that i can already see and feel and he’s good i just know he’s so good. it’s like i stumbled upon this person who is such a warm soul. i just want to know him better and hear about his life and experiences and i feel almost blessed that i met him. god i sound ridiculous don’t i? but i swear i just know in my heart he’s a real good egg.

my boyfriend got a new job 2 weeks ago and has been working 11-13 hour days and has only had 1 day off so far :( anyone ever been in a situation like this before? just has been a bummer… i’m busy with school and work and he’s SO busy with work… :(

The emotional consequences of forgetting to take your medication for 2 days in a row is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone

let me just take a moment to say that i’m so grateful for how i feel. our relationship has been up and down and left and right the past year. but the time apart and coming back together was just what we needed. i’ve been smiling so much more when i’m with him and we’re both so giggly and happy and i always wanna pinch his cheeks every time he flashes his dimples. i just wanna squeeze him so tight and fall asleep in his bed and wake up next to him and i’m just so thankful that we got through bad times and are at such a better place now. you really really have to experience shitty nights to truly appreciate the good days together. i’m so fucking smitten. 

don’t you know that you’re all that i think about

you make up a half of the whole

how nice is it to get the text “goodnight babe ill see you tmrw” 

i heard that a little bit of love is better than none

it’s gonna sound cliche as hell. but last night was different. we hadn’t seen each other in over a week b/c of needing time apart. and it was the most intimate time we’ve ever had together. i’ve never felt that good with him before. there was no drama no tension no stress no talking about other people no jealousy no bullshit just us making each other happy. i really believe that sometimes time apart does a relationship good and the first time being together again was so worth the wait. 

No one’s gonna love you more than I do

I don’t think any of us will ever “be happy.” Happiness isn’t a destination, that’s where we get it wrong. You can’t go through life searching for the ultimate goal of perpetual happiness. It will never happen. Events and experiences happen in our lives and sure they make us happy and smile and feel so god damn grateful for what we’ve got. That’s what we live for. Be it big events or the littlest of things, that’s what puts smiles on our faces. No one can expect you to be completely happy. It just cannot be. Don’t feel down about yourself if you feel sad or bummed, it doesn’t mean you are an unhappy person. It just means you’re human. We feel a range of emotions throughout the week or even in a day. We can only hope that most of these emotions felt are uplifting ones.

thanks for the love guys xooxoxoxo

life is hard at the moment. i wish someone would give me a hug :(

I wish I was sleeping in your bed tonight and I wish I was running my fingers through your hair and making you smile and telling you to shut up for making fun of me being silly and I wish I was eating Ben and Jerry’s with you and watching a dumb movie and scratching your back and attempting to tickle you and have you get mad bc I tickled you and squeeze your cheeks and kiss you a million times over and over and over again

I’m worried that I’ll never be enough

I went to the beach with my boyfriend today and it was lovely